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Friday, February 03, 2006


Welcome to the Dorsey/Darcy/Dossey/Dawsey
DNA Project Blog.

I hope to use this blog to update project results in a more timely manner, discuss the implications of new and old results, report on new scientific articles that relate to the use of DNA testing for genealogy, and let project members know about new markers, tests and databases that might be of interest to them.

It can also be a place to post new (or old) information from traditional records.

It is a curiosity of the Dorsey name that it is used primarily in the US. Irish and English families use the name Darcy or D'Arcy as do some US families. Other variant names are Dossey and Dawsey. Mispellings of these names in the public record has added even more versions of the name.

Dorsey, Dorsy, Dorcey, Dorcy, Darsey, Darsy, Darcy, Darcey, D'Arcy, Dossey, Dossie, Dosy.

The misinterpretation of the early American way of writing a double "s" has even led to the name Dawsey being indexed as Dawfey in on 1790 census.

So, anyone who is interested in the often intertwined families of these names and other possible variants is welcome to this blog.