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The Dorsey/Darsey/Darcy/Dawsey/Dossey/D'Arcy

Surname Project


 To Define and Verify Family Lines and Connections

Established 2002
This project is organized, administered, and paid for by family members
for the purpose of linking ourselves to the past.

Many people have contributed generously to this project. They have given DNA, funding, information, and encouragement and made extensive efforts to track down and recruit individuals whose DNA represents key lines.  Their efforts have furthered not only their own research but that of all Dorsey/Darsey/Darcy/Dawsey/Dossey/D'Arcy researchers.  We owe these pioneers a great vote of thanks!

Project Participants



Michael Darcy Oregon
Raphael  Darcy, PhD Ireland
William Darcy Oregon
Bernie D'Arcy Australia
Anonymous D'Arcy England
Anonymous D'Arcy Australia
Patrick D'Arcy England
Anonymous D'Arcy  
Stewart Darsey Texas
Joseph Darsey, M.D. Texas
Steven Darsey, PhD Georgia
Charles Dawsey Washington
Bernard Dorsey Washington
Charles Dorsey Delaware
Clark Dorsey Alabama
Daniel Dorsey Florida
David Dorsey North Carolina
Donavon Dorsey Washington
Frank Dorsey Georgia
Gary Dorsey Georgia
Glenn Dorsey New York
James Dorsey Florida
James H. Dorsey Arizona
James H. Dorsey Georgia
Jefferson Dorsey Arizona



Jerry Dorsey Georgia
John Dorsey Tennessee
John & Pam Dorsey Georgia
Jordan Dorsey Georgia
Joseph C. Dorsey Texas
Kevin Dorsey Florida
Lamar Dorsey Georgia
Newell Dorsey Georgia
Norman Dorsey Georgia
Pete Dorsey Illinois
Robert Dorsey Florida
Robert Dorsey Arizona
Rodney Dorsey Japan
Thomas Dorsey Idaho
Tony Dorsey Virginia
W. Paul Dorsey Florida
Wade Dorsey South Carolina
William Dorsey Arizona
William Dorsey Maryland
Charles & Carolyn Dossey Kansas
Edgar Dossey Missouri
T. Michael Dossey Texas
Robert Kelley Georgia
Stan Kelley Florida
William Kelley Maryland

Family Members who have provided funding, information, recruiting help, and encouragement

Donna Black Georgia
Nancy & Walt Custer California
Wayne Diehl Virginia
Gail Dorsey Driggs Arizona
Leah English Oregon
Diane Etheridge Texas
Wayne & Mickie Hannah Washington
Virginia Heckel Kentucky
Ed Johnson  
Steven Kelley Florida
Jane Owen Arkansas
Wayne & Ella Pawley Kentucky
Karyn Dorsey Schronski Florida
Julia Wood Louisiana
Robert Hodges Georgia
Descendants of Harvey Kelley
Kelley Family Reunion Attendees
Crossville, Tennessee
May 2004
Non-family members whom we thank for information, discussion, suggestions,
data analysis and resources and/or reviewing the Project Report
Bennett Greenspan Family Tree DNA
Whit Athey, PhD
John Chandler
Dennis Garvey, PhD
Patrick Guinness
Lorcan O'Flannery, PhD   The Clans of Ireland
David Wilson

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