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The Dorsey/Darsey/Darcy/Dawsey/Dossey/D'Arcy

Surname Project


 To Define and Verify Family Lines and Connections

Established 2002
This project is organized, administered, and paid for by family members
for the purpose of linking ourselves to the past.

Site Contents

Dorsey/Darsey/Darcy/Dawsey/Dossey/D'Arcy Home Page

Includes information about project goals, objectives and guidelines.

Report Introduction and Experimental Method

Web Based Results Options

An HTML Results Chart and Brief Narrative of Results

This is a full screen results chart that works well in Internet Explorer but unfortunately extends off the screen in Netscape.

An HTML Results Chart and Brief Narrative Designed for an 800 x 600 display

This page works in both Internet Explorer and Netscape though it presents smaller font sizes and may be more difficult to read.

Results and detailed discussions for individual lineages are also presented separately.
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Includes the line of the Immigrant Edward Darcy/Dorsey and several participants with proven Irish roots.

Includes several American families who use the variant spelling Dossey

The line of Andrew Dorsey who moved from Baltimore County, MD to Rowan County NC in 1766

Two members with roots in Tipperary Ireland

The Anglo/Norman d'Arcys

Results to Download to Your Own Computer

Dorsey/Darsey/Darcy/Dawsey/Dossey/D'Arcy Project Report

A printer friendly PDF, 46 page version of the entire report

Microsoft Excel Help Dorsey/Darsey/Darcy/Dawsey/Dossey/D'Arcy DNA Project Data             
37 KB An Excel Spreadsheet of Project Data

To view in a web browser, click on the Excel icon. To save, right click on Excel icon and choose "Save As"

Dorsey DNA Project Data A printer friendly results chart in PDF format

19 KB
The font for this file is small but it will print a readable chart on a standard 8.5 x 11 page.   Alternately, it can be printed on a larger page with a wide format printer.

Irish Origins of the Dorsey/Darcy/D'Arcy Surname
56 KB
Some speculations about the origins of Edward Darcy/Dorsey and the D’Arcys of Galway in light of a few bits and pieces from mythology, history, genealogy and science.

  A free copy of Adobe Acrobat reader

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